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Freelance Editing Service

Freelance editing services for businesses and manuscripts

Brief background:

I have always been interested in reading, writing, and learning.  I have two undergraduate and one graduate degree in business, as well as a graduate degree in writing and literature.  In my corporate career I was a professional manual writer and my forte was on learning a job, fine tuning and streamlining tasks, then writing a job manual that could be used in place of one-on-one job training.  I was also a technical writer for a couple of years and most recently an online courseware editor for seven years.


I left the corporate world to pursue my passion for writing full-time, and freelance editing has become a natural extension.


I’ve always had a strong interest in mysteries and most fiction as well as logic puzzles.  I love to read a story, keep track of the little strings and am most satisfied, like any reader, when all the strings have been addressed and all the details fit together by the end. 


As a writer, it’s easy to be too close to the work in progress.  Many times we think we have all the details covered, but many times we don’t.  An editor is helpful in being an unbiased second pair of eyes.  The editor can see the whole picture with fresh eyes and keep track of the storylines to see if all the details follow through logically.


I thoroughly enjoy editing a piece of work for a serious writer.


I have edited:

Non-fiction book manuscripts

Autobiography book manuscripts

Sci-Fi novel manuscripts

Fiction short story manuscripts

Fiction novel manuscripts

Web site content


I can also assist with a book synopsis. 


Editing process: 

My freelance editing process incorporates a full critique. I read for issues as well as storyline structure and readability. I deliver, on or before deadline, a marked up manuscript as well as a summary of each chapter and what may be done to tighten it / fix it / make it stronger. 


I do not make edits in a manuscript unless they are obvious typos or grammar issues.  I highlight and comment on all issues.  I give suggestions for possible re-writes, but it's up to you to decide if you want to make any changes, and how you want to word the changes.


Your manuscript is yours and I do not feel comfortable changing someone's narrative voice, so commenting and making suggestions and leaving the rewrites up to you is my approach.  I have many happy clients who will share their experience with you, if asked. 


Freelance editor fees:

You'll find my freelance editor fees to be exceptionally reasonable.  Feel free to contact me through my main website.